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What technical requirements do I have to meet to participate in LIVE TRAINING?

To take part in LIVE TRAINING, you basically only need an internet browser and a device with a permanent internet connection. We recommend all popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari). Please make sure to use the latest browser version.

How can I authorize myself for LIVE TRAINING?

When registering, please enter your first name and the first letter of your last name in the LIVE TRAINING start screen. This enables us to identify you during the training in comparison with your registration.

If you go to the training without registering via browser, we ask you to confirm your participation at the email address . Otherwise we will not be able to register you to participate.

How can I communicate with the speakers during LIVE TRAINING?

For technical reasons, LIVE TRAININGS are video transmissions with a time delay of approx. 20 seconds. In this way, we can guarantee continuous transmission even with fluctuations in bandwidth. So that you don't have to do without direct communication, you can ask the assistant trainer questions at any time in the Q&A forum in the training environment. He will communicate with you directly and feed your questions into the LIVE stream.

Can I exchange ideas with other participants during the LIVE TRAINING?

We open the coffee kitchen for you 15 minutes before each training session. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you real coffee in our online training courses, but you can talk to the trainers, experts and other participants directly there before the event, during the breaks and even after the training has ended (up to 30 minutes). In the coffee kitchen, please make sure that your microphone is only open when you are actively communicating.

How do I get my certificate of attendance / certificate?

All the information you need before, during and after training can be downloaded from us via OneDrive. You will always receive an activated download link from us via your email address.

During the training we provide you with important files such as presentations, results, flipcharts, etc. in the Q&A forum via a web link.

You will receive certificates and a certificate of attendance in the same way after the training. It is only important that you meet the attendance requirements.

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