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The Advisory Board principle

The Advisory Board contributes to the success of companies by empowering managers.

The Advisory Board supports managers by processing information in such a way that decisions can be prepared, made, communicated and implemented.

The Advisory Board supports executives as an extended staff, which is set up for a limited time and situation-specific. The area of activity includes both advisory and teaching activities.

The aim of the Advisory Board is to increase the effectiveness of executives by individually increasing their special skills.

The Advisory Board has strict rules.

It is used to a limited extent and only for key activities.

Key activities are areas on which the company's success and survival depend.

The Advisory Board acts as a unit. Scope and activities must be specified and require thorough planning.

The Advisory Board effectively completes tasks.


Our clients are not companies, but their managers.

We are loyal and honest to our clients.

We do not support immoral or nonsensical goals.

Every client is individual.

We help our clients to create efficiency, seize opportunities and shape the future.

We are consultants, not moderators.

We have a technically sound opinion and represent it for the benefit of our clients.

Our recommendations and solutions are best practice.

Constant expansion of our knowledge gives us a head start.

Committed to the truth, we protect our clients from surprises.

We also express unpleasant facts.

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