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Quality bikes

The company Quality Bikes would like to set up and certify a quality management system according to ISO 9001 for its branch in Munich.




Part 1 - Environment analysis

Carry out an environmental analysis and determine the interested parties, their influence on the organization and their expectations of the results of the QM system.


Decide which processes and activities are necessary to meet the expectations of the interested parties. Use the template in the download area to do this, upload your solution to share with other participants. Compare your result with the results of the other participants.

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Part 2 - Quality Policy


As the managing director of Quality Bike GmbH, try to formulate a quality policy. Try to answer the following questions:

What is quality for Quality Bike GmbH?

Based on this, what is the expectation of employees and stakeholders?

What is the goal of constant improvement at Quality Bike.

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Part 3 - Organization

Determine which roles are necessary in Quality Bike GmbH and arrange them in an organizational chart.

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Part 4 - Planning


Define two quality goals that are in line with the quality policy.

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Part 5 - support


Determine the necessary resources for the processes of sales and supplier management and identify the risks and opportunities associated with these resources.

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Part 6 - process chain


Determine which chapters of Chapter 8 are not applicable to Quality Bikes as a company and explain your decision.

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