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IATF 16949
DECURA video training

X Videos - X Modules - Duration: x min

The challenge of process management is to describe an organization in such a way that it can be controlled despite its high level of complexity. Too many regulations are usually even more fatal than too few.

Together with the management of an organization, you can define the core processes of the organization and describe them in such a way that both process owners can practice active process management and the users have the necessary information and specifications for their daily work.



Module 1

  • complexity

  • Cybernetics and Regulators

  • Referencing to external factors

  • Degree of complexity

Module 2

  • Purpose of the company

  • Purpose of the process

  • Restrictions on the process

Module 3

  • The process map

  • Processes / sub-processes / process steps


  • Turtle model

  • Key figures

Module 4

  • Basics of ISO 9001

  • Operation of the organization

  • The process management control loop

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